Like many firms, our lawyers provide the full range of legal services for areas ranging from real estate, employment, corporate operations, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions to all types of litigation. This broad range of practice areas, however, is not what distinguishes the firm.

What makes us effective partners for our clients is that our clients proudly view our lawyers each as a trusted advisor central to the success of their organization. Our non-business individual clients see use the same way. Whether they come to us for estate planning, litigation, real estate or other services, each client knows that not only are we top professionals in our field, but that we listen and we care. Their success and working in their best interest stand as our central goal.

The success of this personalized and customized approach to the practice of law is highlighted by the fact that most of our clients call us “my lawyer”. In many cases, clients have called us “my lawyer” for decades. And for many businesses we have been called “my lawyer” by successive generations of owners. This label, “my lawyer,” is one we wear proudly.

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