As Northern Illinois’ and Chicagoland’s premier automobile industry attorneys, our lawyers are trusted advisors and accomplished advocates for dozens of dealers throughout the Midwest.

Hardt, Stern & Kayne, P.C. has a detailed understanding of the operational aspects of retail motor vehicle dealerships. 

Our representation includes both transactional matters, shareholder relations, and dispute resolution. On the transaction side, our lawyers represent franchised dealerships and their owners in all matters including dealership acquisitions and sales, lease and real estate issues, franchise termination, financing and floor planning, manufacturer negotiations, contracts, shareholder agreements, business and succession planning, real estate development, employment contracts, handbooks and human resources matters. 

Our litigators experiences include representing dealers before the Illinois Motor Vehicle Review Board in protests  and administrative hearings against the manufacturers. The litigators defend dealers in all types of consumer claims. We aggressively represent our dealers against claims lodged by current and former employees regarding violations of state, federal or county employment laws.

Our litigators have decades of combined experience in handing administrative proceedings, municipal ordinance matters, and lawsuits in state and federal court. These disputes range from basic contract disputes and claims of employment discrimination or wage law violations as well as general corporate litigation.

Our lawyers understand business, and they consult with clients to devise and then execute a dispute resolution strategy suited specifically to the client’s needs and goals. Our lawyers also take a broad and long-term perspective on the matter, while at the same time focusing on resolutions of the specific dispute. Clients want problems avoided when possible and solved quickly and efficiently when they arise. Our litigators aim to do for our dealer clients. 


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